Sunday, 11 April 2010

Makeup Trends for Summer 2010

Hi, lovelies! I hope you're all well and gearing up for Summer!

Apologies for my absence - I've been recuperating at home, thoroughly enjoying my Easter break by doing absolutely nothing after an insanely busy term! Summer is now almost upon us and I've put together a little trend report for you guys, based on what was hot and heavy on the runways!

Pastel Eyes: Pull out your pastels for the summer, baby! This summer the eyes are all about light, cool pastel shades - think baby pink, icy blue, lilac, spring green! No need to get too technical or creative with the looks... a soft wash over the lid is all you need! Its really all about the colours... go as light or bright as you dare!

Turquoise Liner: Another eye look favourited on the runways - turquoise lined eyes! Don't be shy now - we're talking straight-up, piercing, bright TURQUOISE! With this look though, its best to be minimal... let the liner be the focus of the face and keep everything else subtle and soft, as shown below.

Rosy Cheeks: This is probably the easiest trend to follow and will likely be the most popular. Get a flushed, rosy glow on your cheeks by sweeping on some bright pink powder blush or blending a cream blush with your fingers. Keep the blush wayyy high up on the cheekbones though - lower down or on the apples of the cheeks is too old-fashioned!

Extreme Lashes
: For the more daring fashionistas amongst you, here's a real bold trend! This summer the eyelashes are going to the extreme...put on some falsies for in-your-face lash power, or even just pull out that clumpy mascara you never use and apply copiously to mimic the false lash effect! Editor's tip: holding the mascara wand vertical instead of horizontal will really help to achieve this thick, clumpy, look-at-my-fierce-lashes look! Put on as many as 3 coats!

A word of advice: when it comes to following trends you must must must rememer two things - less is more and be yourself.

Follow one trend at a time... if you go out with crazy lashes, bright eyeliner, icy blue eyeshadow and bright cheeks you WILL look like a freakshow. I promise. Take my word for it. So take on one trend at a time and wear it well!

Secondly, dont blindly follow and mimic the makeup you see on the runway - runway makeup is meant to be exaggerated, its worn by models and created my leading international makeup artists. Take from the runway looks the essence of the trend and then make it your own... if you cant pull off the pastels, that's fine, either tone it down till it works or opt for another trend which suits your face and personality better. You'll look much better if you're genuinely comfortable and happy with your appearance!

Happy Summer 2010! Stay beautiful!


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