Thursday, 25 February 2010

IMATS Haul - Reviews, Swatches, Photos

Hello, makeup addicts! I hope you're all well!

So I've put off doing the IMATS haul post for ages (yes I know!) simply because I decided to give you a review as well... and I need to use things for a certain period of time to be able to give you a not-rubbish review on them ;)

Without further ado... presenting, my IMATS haul!

1) MAKEUP DESIGNORY (MUD): This was my first experience with MUD and I'm very pleased. I got 12 eyeshadows for £25 which is RIDICULOUSLY cheap and they threw in the empty eyeshadow palette for FREE! Now thats a bargain... The eyeshadows themselves (as the swatches show) are beautifully pigmented, shimmery, easy to apply and a pleasure to blend. I highly recommend MUD!

If you look real close, I've written colour names on top of the eyeshadows!

And swatches to back my claims...

Visit for more information - they ship worldwide!

2) OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS (OCC): I also picked up two pigments from OCC randomly, just because I wanted to try out the brand! Im pleased to report that these pigments are AMAZINGLY pigmented - the colours are just incredibly rich and complex (as opposed to a flat gold or a flat white). These cost me £5 a piece which is again incredibly reasonable since you get sooo much product!

Visit to try these, and try their amazing Lip Tars as well! Im dying to get my hands on those, Ive heard so much about them!

3) ROYAL AND LANGNICKEL: I also picked up a mixing palette for when I use all these pigments wet - so handy! And, believe it or not, £1!

4) NAKED COSMETICS: I'm a bit on the fence about these... 18 of these cost me a whopping £60! Now they apply beautifully when wet, and so-so when dry... is that enough to justify the cost? Im still struggling with that one. The colours are beautiful though, and I doubt I'll ever finish these in one lifetime... (self-consolation? yes? no? maybe?)

Naked Cosmetics pigments come in sets of 6...

5)CROWN BRUSH: This is definitely the stall where I spent the most money and saved the most money! I spent between £60-70 here but if I had bought that many brushes from MAC or Bobbi Brown, I would have ended up spending a good £800-900! I INSIST that everyone visit immediately! They have such a wide range of products that there's bound to be something that you'll like... their brushes are of incredible quality, soft, good quality handles, no shedding, etc. I dont think I can ever justify buying a MAC brush again!

That's all, folks! As usual, if you have any questions, fire away in the comments below!


FTC disclaimer: I bought all of the above with my own money unless specificed, I'm not associated with any of these brands and this review contains honest, impartial opinions!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Requested: The Basic Makeup Kit

Hello my lovelies! I hope you're all well, and I hope everyone had a lovely and eventful Valentines day! =) I was requested by a follower of the blog, the lovely Nida, to do a post on a basic makeup kit, something that one could start with and then build up as you become more and more of an addict ;)

So I've compiled a list of the most basic things that I feel should be in everyone's makeup bag. I've mostly used MAC products as examples because I feel that MAC is a universally popular brand but if you want brand specific recommendations or cheaper alternatives for a particular thing, just leave a comment and I'll definitely get back to you!

And, yes, I really do feel that these are things NO woman should be without...

1. Concealer/Corrector: This is one thing that I feel every single person out there can benefit from, it just makes a HUGE difference. Use concealer if your undereye circles aren't too dark, and corrector if they are really severe. If you're using a concealer I would recommend any formulation by MAC. If you're using a corrector, Bobbi Browns correctors are the best thing EVER made.

2. Foundation/Tinted Moisurizer: I would recommend a liquid foundation because it goes on beautifully and gives the skin a glowy look which powder just doesnt do. If your skintone is mostly alright (not many blemishes, uneven colouring, etc) go for a light to medium coverage. Otherwise, use a full coverage foundation. Again, MAC and Bobbi Brown have amazing liquid foundations - you cant go wrong.

3. Powder: I highly recommend getting a pressed or loose powder which you can use to set your concealer and foundation - this is essential to getting your makeup to stay on. MAC's Mineralise Skinfinish Natural is AMAZING (it can also be used alone for a really light foundationy look) otherwise they also do a loose setting powder which goes on translucent. I would personally recommend a pressed powder for beginners because loose powders can be a bit difficult to handle.

4. Eyeshadow: I would say invest in some basic neutrals - blacks, browns, skintone colours, highlight colours... Definitely have a look at some pre-made palettes because you get great value for money and lots of shades in one palette. You will probably find a good neutral palette by most brands! But MUST HAVES are black, dark brown, your skin tone colour and colours a couple of shades darker and lighter than your skintone!

5. Eyeliner: I would say have one basic black or dark brown (try them both out and see which looks better - black is more strong, brown looks subtle) pencil, and one liquid/gel formula as well. Gels are much easier to work with, in my opinion, check out MAC's Fluidlines.

6. Mascara: I would recommend a natural mascara for day wear (MAC Plush Lash) and a more dramatic one for night time (MAC Zoom Lash).

7. Blush: Opt for powder... much more workable. For daytime, have a nice soft baby pink/rose pink (the pink can be cool or warm depending on whether you're cool toned or warm toned). Examples are MAC Blushbaby and MAC Dollymix. For night time, go for something with shimmer, like MAC Springsheen. Cool skinned beauties will find that pinks look better on them, and warm skinned beauties will find that corals and bronzes suit them better!

8. Lip stuff: Have one lip pencil which is the exact same colour of your lips (MAC Spice or Subculture seem to work for South Asian women). As far as lipsticks and lipglosses go, play around! Get your basic pinks and browns ofcourse, but see if you like something else too.

So there you go... but remember, the abovementioned colour and tone recommendations are just rules of thumb and RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN! ;) So while this is a nice bunch of stuff to start your kit off with, you can always experiment with colours and see what works for you!

Check this out to get some ideas for a basic brush kit...

Happy belated Valentines, lovelies!


Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Hello my lovelies!!!

I was lucky enough to attend the London IMATS 2010 show and I'm so, so excited and happy to share my experience and pictures with you! IMATS is the International Makeup Artist Trade Show which is held annually in 5 cities across the world. Among the makeup fraternity, its just referred to as "the show" which gives you an idea of what a huge deal it is!

IMATS brings together makeup artists, students, lovers, sellers, buyers and everyone in between! There are great makeup brands selling goods at discounted prices, makeup competitions, lectures and seminars by leading makeup artists from the industry and just the chance to meet and talk to people who share the passion!

So rather than bore you with more words, Im going to tell my IMATS story through pictures! Click on a picture to enlarge.

Welcome to IMATS!

It was insanely busy... even at ten in the morning...

The makeup students, hard at work creating their masterpieces for the student competition...
I was lucky enough to meet the famous Koren of EnKore Makeup!

The AMAZING Crown Brush stall...

The extremely pretty (but extremely overpriced) Yaby Cosmetics!

Makeup Forever! Which I sadly wasnt tempted by at all...

I believe this was the Makeup Artist Provisions stall... that's all foundation and concealers!
More Crown Brush goodness...

The Alcone stall!

Naked Cosmetics! Aren't their pigments LUSCIOUS?!

And ofcourse, Illamasqua cosmetics!

Tom Savini!!! THE GOD of special effects and prosthetics makeup!

More Crown Brush... I just couldnt get enough!

Many makeup stalls had live models to demonstrate face and body painting...

The Makeup Museum - I loved this exhibit because it really opened my eyes to how much you can do with makeup. Its not just about the pretty. Infact the pictures below arent about the pretty at all!

I hope you enjoyed this! Im going to be putting up my IMATS Haul post next!

Sneak preview of the haul post: IM BROKE.

Till then, lovelies!