Saturday, 16 October 2010

Trend Report: Winter 2010


Yes, I know I've been missing long enough to warrant you actually either killing me or forgetting that I exist - but please don't!

Sometimes... it's just good to take a break from everything in life. So that's what I did. And now that I'm back, I realise it's for the better because I missed it more than ever and I've rediscovered my love for blogging :)

On to the trend report... I've rounded up the hottest looks from the runways to show you what to do with makeup this winter and, more importantly, HOW to do it!

WINE STAINED LIPS: In keeping with our current obsession with vampires, this fall's most popular and most wearable trend is the wine-stained, berry lip. The bolder amongst us will rock it as a full on lipstick mouth, while the shy ones (my hand is raised here, ladies!) will turn to glosses, balms or lip tints to sport a softer version of the trend. Ofcourse, you'll need to keep everything else absolutely minimal - I'd recommend foundation and mascara only. Definitely no blush! And depending on your colouring, reach for purple-toned berry shades if you're light skinned or red-toned berry shades if you're medium to dark skinned!

RED NAILS: This one makes my heart singgg with joy! For the past few winters, dark berry and wines have been the nail polish shades of choice and while, admittedly, they look uber chic they can get a little bit dull after a while. I'm sooo glad it's red this time around! Why? Because red is a more fun colour, it's such an instant mood-lifter, it looks cute and chic at the same time and it goes with anything! OPI's Big Apple Red is my favorite... whats yours?

BOLD BROWS: Don't you just love how fashion keeps contradicting itself? This summer was all about bleached, barely there brows and now the bolder, darker, bigger brow is back! Don't go too pencil happy though, lol! I recommend sticking to the natural shape of your brow but just filling in any empty spaces or sparser areas with either a pencil (using a very light hand) or a powder eyeshadow (this gives a more natural look). You can make them slightly thicker by simply moving the pencil/angled brush in short upward flicks on the upper end of your brows.

GOLD SMOKED OUT EYES: Depending on where you live, winter is either holiday season or wedding season. Either way, gold smokey eyes are BIG for this winter and very easy to wear to almost any occasion. Stick to yellower, paler golds if you're light skinned, and warmer more burnished golds if you're medium to dark skinned. Application is super-easy: just a soft wash all over your lids and lower lashline, then use a clean blending brush to buff away any harsh lines for a soft, hazy but not perfect look.

As always, remember to work one trend at a time and stay true to your own personality and level of comfort with makeup. I'm thinking of doing a series of short videos for winter beauty trends... little tutorials to show how to make them more wearable. So let me know if that's something you would be interested in!

Much love and a hugely apologetic hug!


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