Monday, 17 May 2010

The Blog Gets Its Own Email Address - this is getting serious!

Hey lovelies!

Just want to tell you guys the blog has its own email address now *oooh... aaah....* :P

Feel free to email me all your enquiries at!

And in case you're wondering, that stands for "Confessions Of A MakeUp Addict"! ;)

I've also added it to the "About Me" section on the right hand side of the page!


Friday, 14 May 2010

Product Rave: Superdrug Eyeshadows

Hey lovelies! You know how I always say that the only thing more amazing than makeup is inexpensive makeup? Well, Superdrug just proved my point!

Superdrug is a massively popular drugstore chain in Britain and they have just released their own line of makeup called Make Up Academy (MUA). Their line offers eyeshadows, glitter eyeliners, blush, lip gloss, you name it. And the most amazing bit is... EVERY SINGLE THING in their line is priced at ONE POUND EACH!

How unbelievably amazing is that?!

Obviously, I caved and decided to try their eyeshadows. I placed an online order and two days later a little package showed up. Always on the hunt for an excuse to procrastinate while studying, I ripped into it right then and there and had a bit of a play around! So this is what I got...

(don't forget to click on the pictures to see them in all their enlarged glory!)

And now for the individual break down!

Number 6: A shimmery teal, very mermaid kind of colour. Not the best pigmentation of the bunch, but still decent!

Number 11: LOVE this colour, its so me! You know I love my browns and bronzes! A gorgeous shimmery brown with gold flecks running through. Awesome pigmentation.

Shade 12: If there's one thing you MUST buy from this range, its Number 12 eyeshadow. Looks kinda blah in the pan but its actually a warm, reddish-brown with green reflects. A lot of people have compared this to MAC's Club eyeshadow and they are incredibly, incredibly similiar - MACs brown is slightly, ever so slightly more cool toned than this one. An INCREDIBLE colour. Amazing pigmentation. Will suit all skintones.

Number 7: Has for some reason photographed grey! But its a dark, shimmery green! I promise! Very frosty and very good pigmentation too.

Number 18: A bit of a disappointment - this colour looks soooooo gorgeous in the pan. But the pigmentation on this is fairly rubbish... you need to really build layers up to get it looking anything like the colour in the pan. Maybe because its a matte shade?

Number 5: A very pretty, shimmery, grassy green. So bright and wonderful for spring. Specially in keeping with the pastels trend. The pigmentation on this is not the best, but is certainly good enough.

Number 4: Another winner of the bunch. Light shimmery lilac. Such a pretty pastel for spring! Very pigmented too.

Number 20: This was surprisingly good! I never expect much from drugstore black eyeshadows, particularly matte ones. But this is really really good. Solid matte black, excellent pigmentation. Not enough to go everywhere (like Carbon can be sometimes) but just enough to look good.

And some swatches for your viewing pleasure! Without flash, these ones...

And with flash to give you an idea of the shimmery prettiness!

Overall verdict: I definitely recommend these eyeshadows for a number of reasons:

First of all, the range of colours is pretty good.
Secondly, the pricing is just too good to be true.
Third, the packaging is quite decent keeping in mind the price point.
Fourth, the pigmentation on most of these is very, very good - comparable to high end brands.

Its so tempting to think, 'oh but that one isn't good and nor is that one...' but if 2 out of 8 swatch poorly, I think its fine KEEPING THE PRICE IN MIND! And even the poorly pigmented ones can be built up in layers... I reckon the extra effort is worth the bucks you're saving!

Will definitely post some looks using these eyeshadows after the exams... Till then, have you used MUA makeup? What was your experience?


FTC: Bought and paid for everything myself! Completely honest review! I ACTUALLY love them!


Ok, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Recently, I have been getting some hater comments on my posts and videos so here is my message to all the haters out there! Don't bother, you're wasting your time and energy and I'm certainly not going to stop making videos or posting blogs because I get wayyy more appreciative comments than I do mean ones!

And unfortunately, I'm too thick-skinned to let your lovely words affect me :)

This blog is and will remain a positive space. I will not publish any hater comments. Save your breath ;)