Sunday, 7 March 2010

Skincare Reviews: Neutrogena scrub & Loreal moisturiser!

Hey my fellow makeup addicts!

For me, the discovery of good skincare products is cause for celebration enough to justify a little dance in the middle of my room. I guess that's just because I've tried so many products and been disappointed more often than I'd have liked!

Recently I've been using a new facial scrub and moisturiser that seem to be working out pretty well for me so here's a mini review on each!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub: this is such an awesome product to kick start your day with... it has a really energising, refreshing minty smell that instantly wakens the senses and when using it my skin felt kinda tingly and cool, as though I was lathering mint all over it. I will say that the name puzzles me a bit because this scrub didn't really foam at all... but other than that (and that really wasn't a huge deal for me at all) I'm really impressed.

After using this my skin felt really fresh, alive and super squeaky clean down to every last pore! Yet it didn't feel stripped or dry or tight... it was still soft and supple, just very clean and fresh. I'm totally won over by this scrub!

Loreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser: Phew... it takes me as long to say the name as it does to use this product! :P This is from the Loreal Dermo-Expertise line, for those of you interested, and the packaging promises protection, hydration and radiance. The main features of the moisturiser are Vitamin E, Ceramide and it's UV filter.

When I first scooped this cream out of the jar, the texture made me think "uh oh, this is going to be thick, greasy and Nivea-like!" but then I applied and blended it into my skin and I was thinking "whoa... what just happened!" because this is a very lightweight moisturiser that sinks quite comfortably into your skin.

Now I will say this: if you live in London or elsewhere with a cold and dry climate, this probably won't work for you unless you really lather it on which will result in going through the jar fairly quickly. But if you live in a warmer, humid climate this is an EXCELLENT moisturiser to invest in.

I know that whenever I'm back home my dilemma is - no moisturiser hence skin dry OR moisturiser but skin greasy in 30 minutes?

Protection - yes! Hydration - certainly! Radiance - not so much...

So have you tried either of these products? Loved it? Hated it? Let us know!



Anonymous said...

hey.. i have got acne prone skin.. i m allergic to makeup also.. i get pimples after wearing makeup.. i have got fair complexion(not very fair) and i use Mac studio fix foundation (NC 20) and i recently bought Mac studio finish concealer (NW 20) but it didnt suit on my face.. it looks horribly whiteeeeeee and so unnatural.. please suggest me the correct shades.. i m confused and we dont get testers here so i dun wanna waste all my money on trying shades !! help me out!

sana ansari said...

Hello there! Unfortunately its impossible for me to recommend a foundation or concealer shade for you without seeing your complexion! However, as a rough guide, if the concealer or foundation is too white or grey on you, that means you need to pick a darker colour.

It really sucks that we dont get testers here! Why dont you try to find a foundation and concealer that are easily available here with testers? Loreal has some good stuff!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks alot for the reply :) .. yes i'll be trying picking the darker colors.. but i m really confused whether to buy NC or NW shades? i think NW shades of MAC r pinkish and white and NC shades r more natural .. what do u suggest to cover acne marks on face? NW shade concealer or NC ?? and i will do try loreal as well .. can u please name the foundations and concealer which r good in loreal for my skin type? AMBER

sana ansari said...

Hey Amber,

I think you should go with NC shades because they're warmer and more toward the yellow side, and hence they blend better with our skintones. Make sure your foundation is exactly the colour of your skin, and the concealer one shade lighter though.

You could try Loreal True Match Minerals, or any of their liquid foundations (True Match, Infallible, Visible Lift) - whichever one is available near you.